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18th August

Talofa lava,

Please go to to find out what else you can do for Home Learning.  

Home Learning TV | Papa Kāinga TV is also back to support learning for children aged 2-to-11 years while Auckland remains in Alert Level 3 and the rest of the country in Alert Level 2.

Home Learning TV | Papa Kāinga TV will take over TVNZ DUKE's daytime schedule 9am to 1pm on week days. Programming for younger children includes the popular Karen’s House at 9am.  DUKE is available on Freeview channel 13, Sky and Vodafone TV channel 23.  It can be live streamed on the TVNZ website, All earlier episodes of Home Learning TV | Papa Kāinga TV remain available on TVNZ OnDemand.

Teachers will be in contact with you via Seesaw or Sunshine on-line daily.  Cecilia will text weekly to see how you all are and maybe in contact more if we don't hear from you. 

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15th April

Kia ora whānau,

Please remember the start of term is tomorrow.   Here is a suggested weekly timetable you can follow.  Your teachers will be in contact with you via Seesaw and the closed Glendene School Families facebook page. Kowhai Whā here is a link for you from Whaea Jeanine

Ka kite,


Heading 1


9th April

The government has announced learning programmes will be available on TV from 15th April on TVNZ 2+1 Sky Channel 502 and Māori TV from 9.00-3.00.

Please check the inside cover in the exercise books sent in the Home Learning packs for Seesaw log in and Sunshine Classics on-line.

24th March, 2020

The websites below include resources for parents and whānau, teachers and leaders. Resources span the learning pathway from early learning through to senior secondary, and more resources will be added as they’re developed.
The information and resources are available at and


Tahi (1), Rua (2), Toru (3), Wha (4)




Kia ora Whānau,

You can find links for learning on the Glendene School website now, so have a look and get familiar with all the activities they offer.



Please click on the picture for helpful learning information


Rima (5), Ono (6), Whitu (7), Waru (8)




Kia ora Whānau,

You can find links for learning on the Glendene School website now, so have a look and get familiar with all the activities they offer.


Things you can do at home with your children:

  1. How to tie shoe laces

  2. How to follow a recipe

  3. How to make a meal plan and grocery list on a budget

  4. How to write a resume / CV

  5. How to tell the time

  6. How to look after the house (mow the lawn, do the recycling, budget and pay bills).

  7. How to be a good citizen (mow your neighbour’s lawn…)

  8. How to read (ask questions about what they’re reading, read together, make predictions, discuss why characters behave the way they do)

  9. How to write (keep a journal, keep a gratitude list, write instructions for something, write alternative endings to favourite stories or movies, write a story, keep a book of facts)

  10. How to advocate for a positive change in the world (write a letter, sign a petition, join an on-line group)

  11. How to maintain a vehicle (how to check the oil, change a tyre)

  12. Build physical education (do yoga, play tiggy, play netball/soccer, shoot hoops)

  13. Build fine motor skills (draw, knit, colour, crochet, cross stitch, sew, weave)

  14. Go outside.  Walk, bike. Keep at least 10 m away from other people.

  15. How to exist without the internet.

  16. Talk about dreams, hopes, fears.

  17. Have children research what they’re interested in (future careers)

  18. STEAM (Science/Technology/Engineering/Arts/Maths) challenge (build towers etc)

  19. Write own daily learning plans

  20. How to write thank you letters to your grandparents, aunties, parents etc.

  21. How to decorate your room, home

Please click on the Pohutukawa tree for helpful learning information.