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Glendene School Vision

Together, the Glendene School community will empower our children with the knowledge, confidence and the opportunities to achieve 'Our Best Always'.  

To tātou pai rawa i ngā wā katoa

‘Our Best Always’

Nga whai painga o Te Kura o Onewherowhero

Glendene School Values - The GECKO Way

We do things the Gecko Way.

We look after our belongings.

We have a positive attitude.

We do what the teacher says quickly and quietly. 

We listen and follow instructions.

We make good choices.

We have a plan for what to do if we have a problem.

We wear our uniforms with pride.

We stay on task.

We come to school everyday to learn. 

We treat others as we would like to be treated.

We play safe. We play fair. We play by the rules. 

We share equipment.

We work quietly so others can work too.

We use our manners.

We leave other people's belongings alone.

We have kind hands, kind feet and kind voices.

We are kind friends.

We are helpful. 

We encourage others. 

We are proud of our place.

We keep the spaces we use clean and tidy.

We put equipment away in the right places.

We clean up after ourselves.

We care for our property.

We use books and equipment carefully.

We recycle.

What we teach

We follow the New Zealand Curriculm and have an integrated approach to curriculum delivery and we are responsive to the needs of our students.  There are opportunities for children to engage in rich learning experiences in and out of the classroom in all the learning areas.

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The Gecko Learning Way

  • Know what we are learning

  • Know why we are learning

  • Know how to learn

  • Know when to use our learning


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