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Board of Trustees 2022-2025

The Board of Trustees meets twice a term (week 3 & 8) on Wednesday at 6.30ppm in the staffroom.  Upcoming meetings are usually advertised in the school newsletter. Parents/caregivers are welcome to attend the Board meetings.  Visitors may, very occasionally, be asked to leave the meeting in order that sensitive matters may be discussed, by the Board, "Committee’.

The agenda and minutes for Board of Trustees meetings are available at the school office. Annual reports, budgets and policies are also available from the office if you would like to read these.

Our Board of Trustees members are elected every three years (2010, 2013 etc).  Annual reports are presented in November/ December.


The current Board of Trustees are:


Rita Ah Kau                                  Presiding Member (Chairperson)

John Hitchings                              Elected Representative

Gary Sharma                               Parent Representative

Eriina Kea                                   Parent Representative

Ann-Maree Molloy                        Acting Principal

Ashley Williams                           Staff Trustee


Cecilia Vincent-Apiata                   Minute Secretary

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