Upcoming Events Reminder


Wheels Day:

Please remember we have Wheels Day this Friday 05 August at school.  There is NO MUFTI DAY this Friday only Wheels Day.  Please also remember that if your child brings their bike, scooter, skateboard or roller skates to school they must also bring a helmet.  Safety comes first so NO HELMET NO RIDE!!!  Please bring a GOLD COIN DONATION for Wheels Day this Friday.

School Uniform:

Please ensure children are in correct school uniform when they come to school.  Glendene School Uniform is the school polo shirt, school jumper, black pants, black leggings, black skort or black shorts, black shoes must be worn and NOT other colours.  Please see Cecilia in the school office if you have any queries.  Kidscan jackets and shoes are available from the school office.

Camp Fundraising Raffle Tickets:

Please support our Camp Raffle fundraiser.  Our raffle will be drawn on the Wednesday 17 August 2016.  There are three prizes:  1st prize – 1 Whole Lamb, 2nd prize – 1 Whole pig, 3rd prize – $289 AA Voucher (Platinum Service).  Please see Cecilia in the school office if you would like to buy tickets for our raffle.  Tickets are $2.00 each.

 Supper Tickets for Camp 2016:

Next Friday 12 August 2016 as part of our camp fundraiser, we will have $10.00 suppers ready for you to take home from 2.30pm – 4.00pm.  Supper tickets are PRE-PAID only.  If you would like a supper, please purchase from the school office.  There are only 150 tickets to be sold and tickets are on a first come first serve basis.  There will be no holding of tickets.

The supper will include:  chicken chop suey, chicken curry, potato salad, rice and a chicken drumstick.

Tickets will be on sale from tomorrow Wednesday 03 August from the school office.

Thank you kindly in advance for supporting our school camp fundraisers J


If  you would like more information on any of the notices, please contact Cecilia on (09) 8388603, text 02108475283, email office@glendene.school.nz or simply send a message through our school website www.glendene.school.nz.