Term 2 – Upcoming Events Reminder for this week


Welcome back to staff, children and families for Term 2.  We hope that you all had a great holiday and a well-deserved break and are all refreshed for another term ahead.  Just a few reminders about some important events this week.

  • POWHIRI:   This Wednesday 04 May 2016 at 9.00am, we will have a Powhiri to welcome all our new students and their families to our school followed by morning tea.  Please come along and help us welcome our new students and their families to Glendene School.
  • BOARD OF TRUSTEES (BOT):   As you will all be aware, our Triennial Board of Trustees Elections will be held on 03 June 2016.  We will be holding Board of Trustees (BOT) information meetings to let you know what it means to be on the Board of Trustees.

If you are elected as a parent representative on the Board of Trustees, you will have to be committed to attend our BOT meetings once a month or twice a term from February to December in the evening.

What the school requires for a BOT Trustee:

  • Someone who knows the community
  • Someone who is passionate about pushing the school’s vision
  • Someone who is Tangata Whenua
  • Someone with public relations experience
  • Someone who can read the financial reports

If you have one or more of the above, please come to our information meeting.  

Please let Cecilia in the office know if you are able to make it to one of the Information Meetings listed below on (09) 8388603 or text 02108475283.

  • Straight after Powhiri Wednesday 04 April
  • Thursday evening 05 April at 6.00pm

Kind regards                                                                                                                       Cecilia Fa’alili                                                                                                                 School Secretary