Samoan Language Week, 5 May – 3 June

Vaiaso ole gagana Samoa-Samoan Language Week                                                           O LE GAGANA E LA’EI AI LE AGANU’U                                                                     Language characterises the essence of culture

Talking about learning

As part of celebrating and sharing Samoan language we are asking everyone with a connection to Samoa to answer this question that children will come home with;  ‘O fea se tou nu’u i Samoa?’  (What village is your family from in Samoa?). At the end of the week we will be selling chop suey and rice.

To end our Samoan language week this week, we will have a fundraiser on Friday 02 June. Our fundraiser will be chop suey and rice  $3.00 each and Juicies $1.00 each.  If you would like to order your chop suey and rice, please send along your child to the school office with the correct amount before Thursday 02 June.

Chop suey and rice are pre-paid only as no sales on Friday 02 June.