Reading Together Workshops

We have had a wonderful response to our Reading Together sessions.Reading Together

Here is some of the feedback that we received:

Looking back over the workshops, what do you think are the most important things you have learned about helping your child(ren) with reading?

(T) I need to take time to spend with them while they read. Be patient and give positive remarks.

What difference did your help make for your child(ren)?

(R) I can honestly say that my less ‘demanding’ attitude has made reading a lot more relaxed and enjoyable. My child now initiates reading, rather than mum ‘demanding’ that she pull out her book.

(A) To stay patient and make it a fun experience.

What did you find was the hardest part in helping your child(ren)?Reading Together

(R) Time!

(A) What to do or how to deal with him getting frustrated.

Has the programme helped your child(ren) and your family in any other ways?

 (R)  Definitely, in terms of my child’s confidence in reading, she has taken ‘ownership’ of her reading, while I am her assistant.

(T)  Yes, it has taught us to be more patient and understanding especially towards kids who are slow or young in learning, not only in reading but other educational stuff as well.

(A)  Making time to read on a daily basis at a suitable time.  I was able to pass all new knowledge onto my husband

(L)  It is very important and very helpful.

Are there any other comments that you would like to add?Reading Together

 (R)  All in all, very effective and am grateful for all the new strategies and tools I’ve been given.  Thank you from a happy mum and an even happier child J

(T)  Thank you Mr Burton and Whaea Shelley for taking up this Reading workshop.  It would have more awesome if more parents had attended.

(A)  Thanks!!  I enjoyed this workshop very much.

(L)  (The art) Especially on his art and he try to spell the words according to what he draw.  To me I am very happy about this programme because it is a great help.  Thank you!!