The following are suggestions you may like to use when listening to your child read.

The Right Three

  •       The Right Time

10-15 minutes when neither you nor your child is tired, hungry or keen to do something else and when you can enjoy reading together four or five regular times per week.

  •       The Right Place

Choose a place as quiet, comfortable and as peaceful as possible, where you can be alone and free from interruption.

  •       The Right Book

Chose material that is interesting for the child and is not too difficult.  Contact your child’s teacher if you would like suggestions of books or would like to pick up some books to borrow.

What can your child do when he/she doesn’t know a word

  • Go back to the beginning of the sentence
  • Read again
  • Say the first sound.

If he/she gets stuck again:

  • Go back to the beginning of the sentence.
  • Read again.
  • Say the first sound, then…
  • Read on to the end of the sentence.

Now have a try:

  • Does it make sense
  • Does it look right?
  • Does it sound right?