Before You Begin at School

Does your child:

  • Know his/her name, address and telephone number and know how to repeat it if necessary?
  • Put away play things when not using them
  • Know how to take off and put on outer garments without help?
  • Know how to tie his/her own shoelaces?
  • Know how to use a handkerchief or tissue?
  • Know how to wash and dry hands and remember to flush the toilet without assistance?
  • Know how to hold and use scissors?
  • Know his/her basic colours?
  • Know how to count from one to ten, one to twenty?
  • Know how to sit and listen to a story?
  • Know the days of the week?
  • Recognise his/her own name?
  • Look after his/her own belongings?
  • Know his/her birthday and birth month?
  • Show awareness of letters in the environment (M for Milo, P for Pizza Hut etc)?

Download our New Entrants’ Booklet here!