Keeping Ourselves Safe – Parent Meeting (Notice)


Dear Parents and caregivers,

The Keeping Ourselves Safe (KOS) programme will be taught in our school over the next few weeks.

KOS is about personal safety and teaches our children the skills to cope with situations that might involve abuse of any kind.

Our Police Education Officer, Constable Paul Stanko will support teachers with the programme in their classrooms.

On Wednesday 11 May at 3.15pm, you are invited to a meeting to talk about the KOS programme and Constable Paul will answer any questions you might have.  This meeting will be held in our school staffroom.

Please fill in the slip below and return to the school office if you are able to attend this meeting.  Alternatively, you could let Cecilia know by phone on (09) 8388603 or by text 021 084 75283.

Many thanks                                                                                                               Bernice Schicker                                                                                                          Health Co-ordinator                                                                                              Glendene School 


I will be attending the Keeping Ourselves Safe (KOS) information meeting on Wednesday 11 May 2016 in our school staffroom.

YES                        NO     

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