Camp Reminders 03.08.2016


Please remember to start paying your $50.00 for your child’s camp fees.  Camp Fees must be paid before Friday 19 August 2016.  It is not too late to start paying off your $50.00.  Thank you to all those who have already paid their camp fees.  Please remember that a lot of fundraising has helped cut the cost down for your camp fee payments.  Please pay your child’s $50.00 to Cecilia before the above date.  Camp Parent helpers are required to pay $50.00 also.


There will be a Camp Meeting on Tuesday 09 August at 4.00pm in the staffroom for our Year 5 and 6 parents.   All Parent Helpers going to camp MUST ATTEND this meeting.


Supper tickets will be available from the school office from tomorrow Wednesday 03 August.  Tickets are pre-paid only and there will only be 150 tickets.  Thank you to parents who have already donated food items for our suppers.  It is not too late to help.  We are still looking for families of our year 5 and 6 students to help with donations for the following items:  Potatoes, Mayonaise (preferably Best Foods), Garlic, Ginger, Vermicelli, Spring Onion.  If you are able to help donate any of the above items, please drop them off to the school office.


Each Year 5 and 6 students attending camp this year were given 10 tickets to take home on the last day of Term 2.  Please pay to the school office if you have not yet paid for your tickets.  Cecilia will contact you to remind you of your tickets.  We still have more tickets in the office, so if you would like more please pay your current tickets first and then you are more than welcome to take more.  Raffle will be drawn on 17 August.  Please turn over to see what the prizes are.

If  you would like more information on any of the notices, please contact Cecilia on (09) 8388603, text 02108475283, email or simply send a message through our school website