The school library is very well stocked, attractively maintained and a valuable teaching resource. Classes have opportunities to borrow books.

We encourage children to take home library and reading books but we like to get the books back in good condition. Quality, bright coloured, waterproof book bags are available from the office and it is desirable that every child in the school uses one to help protect our reading resources.

Learn more information about your class topics and studies.
Improve your knowledge.
Browse through the magazines.
Read a good story.
Amuse yourself with games & puzzles.
Relax with a picture book.
You’ll love your Library.

Children can come to our school library to:

  • Find information in books or on the internet.
  • Read magazines and books for pleasure.
  • Get a book to take home to read.
  • Listen to stories at lunchtime.
  • Just sit quietly and relax.
  • Display their work or read other students’ work.
  • See displays by other people.
  • Play games and puzzles.
  • Use the computers.

A mobile library calls at our school once a week on Tuesdays from 12.45 – 1.30pm. Your child will need a Waitakere Libraries card to borrow books from the Mobile Library.